Jacqui and Julia's Workshop

On Wednesday April 6th 10.00 to 1pm Stoneleigh Village Hall
Lino printing with Julia Yarrow
In this 3 hour workshop Julia will be going through with you the processes to make a lino cut, then finally printing it.  Lino 15 cms x10 cms will be provided, also lino cutters and a bench hook each.  You will need to bring along with you a simple drawing, same size as lino.  You can prepare this beforehand. It is best drawn on tracing paper, so your image can be easily transferred to the lino prior to cutting.  We may have time to print your lino cuts.  Please bring along with you the usual pencils rubbers etc. and an apron.
Wet Felting with Jacqui Smithson. 
This 3 hour workshop will be teaching the techniques of wet felting focusing on natural forms, ie; branches, seed heads, buds and blooms.  We will aim to make a felt panel using Merino wool, silks and threads that can be embellished with stitch at a later stage or left as is.  Felting is quick and easy and very addictive once you get started!  This workshop will be suitable for beginners or for those who have experience.  Equipment needed: Any inspirational material you may like to work from.  (I will have some too), rubber gloves, hand towel and plastic bag
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