Sketching Days

With the weather about to improve (we hope) and some freedom to go out again, we are going to organise some impromptu sketching days, where we can meet safely outdoors.
We will send an email out, probably the day before with details - so if you are interested, 'pack' your art bags ready with your picnic chair or rug to sit on, although there will be benches.
FREE open to all artists and friends.
If there is an interest in sketching days, we'll come up with more ideas where we can 'safely' meet and do some drawing/painting.
a) Memorial Park, Coventry. The tea room/s and facilities will probably be open. (Organiser: Paul Chokran).
b) Fillongley Churchyard area with several old cottages and old school. Photos attached. (Organiser: Susan Moore)
Car Parking on road in Church Lane, Fillongley. (turn right Opposite Manor House Pub). No facilities/tea room, but the pub opposite may be open. Several benches to sit on or bring your own seat.
Toilet facilities, if not buying a drink at the pub - 5 minute walk to my studio/toilet facilities.
Sketching Outdoors - Things to Take
All you have to do is turn up with a few sketching things - or whatever you want to use.
These are items I take with me - but everyone has their own way of working.
I like to keep things as simple and lightweight as possible.
1) Lightweight plastic tablecloth (or similar) usually about £1 in pound shops for children's parties etc..
Keeps my art material dry and stops them getting lost in the grass, and prevents insects tickling my toes! I've also used one as an improvised tent when the heavens opened!
2) Seating: Depends how you like to sit. When I was younger I used to take a plastic table cloth and foam cushion. Then I graduated to a low picnic chair. Now I will take a lightweight picnic chair and lightweight easel. Sometimes I sit on a bench in a park if it's in a convenient position.
3) Art materials: Up to you. Start with an A3 drawing pad, B pencil, pencil sharpener. 30 cm rule
Plus: A firm surface to lay your paper on, plus bull dog clips. i.e. piece of hardboard, // stiff cardboard packaging (drawing boards are usually too heavy to carry far).
(I use a foam board and part cover it / strengthen it with parcel tape. You can buy these in Hobbycraft).
4) A flask of coffee and a sandwich!
Sketching/painting outdoors, keep it simple and enjoy the day.
Paint or draw interesting corners, old tree trunks etc - rather than try and tackle a 'big' landscape.