Tom Shepherd Demo/Workshop

Wildlife in Watercolours - Saturday 13th March, 11am - 1pm
Our March 13th ZOOM meeting will feature a water colour demonstration / workshop by the internationally recognised artist Tom Shepherd. The meeting will start at 11am and will last for two hours.  Please book your place by emailing:   CWSA members: £12 // Non-members: £15.
Wildlife in Watercolours - Saturday 13th March, 11am - 1pm
Tom will be exploring capturing light and character in a fun and expressive way, with plenty of colour. The main demo will be a couple of elephants. Tom chose this as we have wonderful patterns of light and shadow on the main subjects, perfect for watercolour. As well as great movement.
Tom says “The reference photo is taken from a website called African Reference Photos. I have paid for the use of this image and I do ask that if people wanted to use the image themselves, they can pay a small fee of $2 via the African Reference Website.  Plus, there's loads of other great reference photos on there. Here's the link to the photo:
Along with the medium itself we will also be looking at taking a reference photo and turning into a painting with a life of its own i.e., not sticking exactly to the reference. If I get a chance. I hope to! then we will look at a quicker final demo of 25minutes or so of the water buffalo. Both will be painted on A3 size cold press paper as I like a little extra texture. Hope to see you there!