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Charity Art Exhibition

Recently members of our committee were invited to attend a Rotary meeting regarding the Kenilworth Holiday Inn Charity Art Exhibition usually held in November. Sheila and Edith went along to represent us and Carol Fenn, representing Kenilworth Art Society,joined them. There's an exciting new approach from the Rotary Committee this year and they want to hear our thoughts and ideas. Below are the main points of the meeting.
*Local Art groups will be invited to exhibit, within their own group area, with NO hanging charge.
*The catalogue of artwork will also include space for groups and individual artists to 'sell themselves'.
Three options for artists to SELL THEIR ARTWORK
1. As is usual, to state the requested price.
2. To offer the artwork for auction but stating a reserve price.
3. To offer the artwork for auction with no reserve price.
The Rotary will charge ('normal' e.g. 20%) commission on work sold which will be distributed to charities. Groups may wish to choose their preferred charity.
Art groups will be in charge of their own exhibition hanging.
The Rotary have some exciting publicity stunts up their sleeves!
Exhibiting in November before Christmas is always a good time for selling work.
Thank you all for your input, your rep will feed back your thoughts at the next Rotary meeting during April.