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Formal Invitation to AGM

This is a formal notice and agenda for our Annual General Meeting.  Members are invited to attend the AGM of the Society on Saturday 11th April 2015 for a prompt start at 2.30 p.m.  Please bring the enclosed agenda with you to the AGM. The meeting will be at Leek Wootton Village Hall with an afternoon tea provided by Gill Buick, and the Hall must be vacated at 4pm.
All members of the Executive Committee shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. Nominations for the election of Officers and Committee members shall be made by the retiring Executive Committee and circulated in writing to all members not later than 14 days before the AGM.  Further nominations may be made by any member before or at the meeting, the consent of the nominee must be obtained first.
All the present members of the Committee are willing to stand for re-election with the exception of the Newsletter Editor Tina Watkins.  Janet Cheary has recently been co-opted into the position of Newsletter Editor due to Tina’s move out of the area.  Anna Poynter has also recently been co-opted to the position of Exhibition Organiser to assist Exhibitions Secretary Jacqui Smithson.
Chair:                                    Edith Whatling
Vice Chairman:-                Jane Powell.
Treasurer:-                         Gill Buick.
Honorary Secretary:-      Sheila Karran
Membership Secretary:- Maureen Townsend.
Exhibition Secretary:-     Jacqui Smithson and (co-opted) Anna Poynter .
Newsletter Editor            (Co-opted) Janet Cheary
Events Secretary:-           Julia Yarrow
Nomination forms are here Invite to AGM.  In the event of more than one nomination for the same post, votes from the floor would be taken to decide the winner.  They should be sent to the Hon. Secretary not later than Saturday 4th April 2015, or handed in at the AGM. The consent of the member to be nominated must be obtained first. We would also like members to put forward their name to take part in the Selection Panel for exhibitions at the AGM. The Selection Panel will consist of five artists appointed by the members.
Please make every effort to attend this meeting, please let anyone on the committee know if you have difficulty with transport.